SERVICES – Maintenance & Repair

Eemshaven ideal for maintenance projects

Power cables are often used for residential and commercial purposes. They regularly supply power to thousands of private and work-related places and keep everyday activities of many people “going”. Periodic maintenance is needed during the life of these cables to avoid unnecessary outages.

Frequent tests need to be performed during the life of the cable to determine whether there has been significant insulation deterioration or other damages due to operational or environmental conditions. Cable technicians should detect these potential defects before the cable fails in service.

Performing maintenance on electrical equipment can be hazardous. Electrical and mechanical energy can cause injury, or even death, if not managed properly. Therefore, only certified, well-trained and experienced technicians should perform the maintenance and repairs.

CCE’s partners have experienced cable technicians and professional maintenance equipment available for all types of projects. Onshore as well as offshore.

For more information on equipment and staff for cable maintenance and repairs, please contact one of the CCE Partners.