ABOUT CCE – CCE Partners

Four companies are the drivers behind the Cable Center Eemshaven (CCE): WIND, DHSS, HICE and Lubbers Logistics Group. These service companies have found each other through their professional disciplines and many years of cooperation in the on- & offshore energy industry.

By combining the available knowledge & experience and offering the Power Cable Industry a complete service package, CCE can be a great added value for any Power Cable project. These projects often start by exploring opportunities and considering pros and cons. CCE supports companies in this process and offers practical solutions.

Extensive Network

The CCE partners are committed to increase the development of activities related to power cables at the Eemshaven. One of the ways to show this commitment is by opening their network. Companies in search of (project-) support for their cable activities can expect an extensive international network. Each CCE partner has a long history in servicing the on- and offshore energy industry.


WIND is the full-service solutions provider for the transport, handling and storage of subsea cables and flexibles, and cable recovery of subsea telecommunication cables. Turnkey logistics services with a unique combination of expertise, vessels and equipment are offered.


DHSS has become a well-known, high-level player in the services it provides for the offshore wind scene over the last five years. Where the company found its birth in 1997 as a ships agency for clients mainly working in the seismic industry in their search for oil & gas, it nowadays is a full service provider to the offshore energy industries, with offshore wind as its core business. While still assisting O&G related companies in their transition period towards a net-zero emission environment.


Hulst Innovation Cable Equipment (HICE) is innovative and creative and works with its clients to modify and improve new and existing equipment. At HICE they see a solution for every challenge, where the focus always remains on cable specifications and practicality. The starting point is maximum functionality from as simple as possible systems to ensure a high reliability and usability over the lifespan.

Lubbers Logistics Group

Lubbers Logistics Group is founded in 1929 and offers worldwide logistics services under three service labels:  Road Transport, Global Freight and Projects & Services. Within the wind & power industry, these services take place in different stages in the supply chain.