Hulst Innovation Cable Equipment (HICE) is innovative and creative and works with its clients to modify and improve new and existing equipment. At HICE they see a solution for every challenge, where the focus always remains on cable specifications and practicality. The starting point is maximum functionality from as simple as possible systems to ensure a high reliability and usability over the lifespan.

HICE started as a sole proprietorship in 1994 on the 4th of July. The head office is located in Westeremden and another establishment opened in 2018 in Appingedam. The company gained years of experience and has developed as an innovative machine and construction building partner. HICE provides services to a wide variety of companies. (Power) Cable handling and installation equipment have been part of their scope for the last 15 years.

Out of the box thinking, design and engineering

The combination of creativity, an out of the box approach and years of practical experience in the cable related offshore industry has enabled HICE to provide tailored solutions to client requirements. When the job needs to be delivered on time and within budget, there is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team at your disposal to get the job done.

Modular design and transportable by truck

All equipment is based around a modular design and can be transported by truck, enabling easy mobilization to site. Furthermore, the design and fabrication process of equipment for offshore related use is certified by DNV-GL.

Support Equipment

Over the years HICE have built numerous systems and constructions to support cables of various weight and dimensions. This can be for example cable roller-tracks (on/offshore), cable-chutes used on key-sides or on offshore vessels for cable deployment or jointing and cable deployment bows. All of these can be built to client wishes. HICE can provide client requirements to ensure a safe execution of a cable project.

HICE and sustainability

For years we have been very aware of the climate change, but also of the finiteness of fossil fuels. That’s why we made a conscious decision to work as sustainable and efficient as possible. We installed solar panels, solar water heaters, wood chip heaters and our own windmill! The combination of these sustainable energy sources ensure that we are 85% self-sufficient in our annual energy consumption!

HICE’s Cable Services:

Modification, improvements on existing, and the supply of the following new equipment:

  • Storage equipment: modular cable systems, turntables and baskets
  • Handling equipment: BOW cable engines, linear cable engines and oval cable cranes
  • Support equipment: cable tracks, cable counters and cable chutes
  • Specials like HPU’s, trenching tools, winches, etc.
  • Rentals of cable handling equipment 

For more information, please visit:  www.hulstcableequipment.com