SERVICES – Education & Training

The aim of CCE is to facilitate the development of business and innovations in the field of Power Cable installation, maintenance and repair. CCE will bring knowledge and experience together and makes it accessible. Not only to the business community, but also to students and employees who are looking for a career within the Power Cable Industry.

CCE is currently developing a specialist training together with Regional Education Centers (ROC), cables manufacturers and maintenance & repair companies. This training contains a theoretical and practical part and provides specific education and training on all aspects of cable installation, maintenance and repair.

The practical training will be organized ‘close-to-the-action” at a location in the Eemshaven. This will be determined in the coming period.

Once the “students” have successfully completed the training, they will be ready for a job within the cable industry. CCE will support these “graduates” in finding a job by introducing them to CCE’s business community. For more information on the education and training, please contact one of the CCE Partners